Thursday, March 22, 2007


I was on gmail today at the TPA office, and my Hungarian friend Gergo (pronounced Gad-guh, kinda, but not really) was online. You may or may not remember that this guy was the only Christian that I met during my trip to Hungary, and he was well-versed in the Word. Kid knows some Scripture. I was very impressed. Anyway, we were chatting about life, school, etc, and then he asked, "How are things spiritually?"

I was kinda stunned at first. I don't know if it was because he asked or because I didn't know what to say or why this was so odd to me. But I was wierdly pleased that he did. I found it neat that this guy who I barely know, who I struggle sometimes to communicate with secondary to the language barrier, who I have spoken with just a few times at length about spiritual matters, was concerned about where I was in it all.

So there is God at work around me. There He is using whatever means He chooses to remind me that He's here, and He wants to hear from me. He wants to be intimately involved in every part of my life. I was faced with the question, "Why am I not letting Him?" after Gergo inquired.

But it was a good conversation that followed. Gergo, as usual, referred to many passages of Scripture to encourage and spur me on. How God works is beautiful.

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