Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have the coolest friends. I'm serious. There's no way another person could have a higher number of quality individuals that have poured into their life. I have been reminded lately since I was able to catch up with so many of them this weekend.

I talked to Meg (from the FAB Four in Memphis), Buckle (one of the original Super-Christians that I busted my tail to keep up with spiritually my freshman year of college), Donna (sweetest heart, always a blast and full of encouragement, pharmacy school companion), my family (they're all awesome and I continually sing their praises), Alyson (one of my newest but truest friends here in Tac-town), and then I got to spend Saturday night hanging out on "the Ave" in Seattle with Ronnie (my good friend I met here who moved to Seattle and works for NAMB) in the U-dub district.

I'm not done. After church, I had lunch at my favorite Tacoma locale, Famous Dave's (they have sweet cornbread and sweet tea- you can't beat it), with Alyson, Jana, and Jeff. These kids have become constants, and I'm thankful for each of them in my life. We shared good laughs, and Jeff shared a lot of stories from his childhood...hence the laughs.

Then my oldest friend (all the way back to when I beat him in the math contest at UTM) Casey called from Lithuania, and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to run off the road at a comment about how sweet we southerners like our tea. I'm still grinning. A great, mind-bending, philosophical, sociopolitical conversation followed, and overall it was refreshing to have caught up.

We'll round it out with getting to catch up with Mr. Ziegenhorn tonight. Great conversation was shared about evangelism in friendships/relationships/work settings. That was refreshing as well to get to relate to someone about the urgency and concern I feel for the lack of understanding of Truth around me. He lives in LA, so it's not a stretch for him to match that.

All this leads to one conclusion: God is great. He's given pieces of Himself to each of these individuals to shed light on my life. I'm more than blessed, but that's the best word the English language offers me as far as my knowledge will reach.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dance War

One of the new shows on ABC didn't catch my attention UNTIL...

I found out my friend Phillip was on there!

I met Phillip last January at a Super Bowl party for young singles from Brentwood Baptist Church. We immediately had a blast cutting up, and before the night was over I had gotten see some moves from Mr. Jesus-loving, Justin Timberlake-esque young Virginian. He had just moved to Nashville to do music, but he happened to be trained in ballroom dance (and could show out with some hip-hop as well). I even went salsa dancing with him a few times. But you have to go online and watch an episode or two to check out my buddy in action.

  • Here's the link.
  • Check it out. You can watch the show online! He's doing so well; I'm so proud. I can say I danced with him when...

    Friday, January 04, 2008

    2008 Projections

    post-contemplation, of course. I love any opportunity to assess, evaluate, analyze (can I think of a few more words that mean to think through something?) my life, where I am, where I've been, and where I would like to go. 2007 brought so much change: graduation, new job, new home, new friends.

    I don't know if I qualify as a visionary, but I like to cast visions, to set goals, and to get people excited about working towards them. Other than the typical desire to get into shape, start eating better, get more organized, my main resolution was this:

    Stop worrying and instead truly pray about weights on my heart, giving them over to God and being open to see Him do things only He could do.

    At Aroma last night, the six of us discussed our different resolutions and plans for the new year. We had such a stimulating and heart-pressing discussion about our need as Christians to be different. I'm reading through Matthew in my quiet time in hopes of truly KNOWING Jesus better. I'm just now to the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7), specifically the Beattitudes followed by the verses in Chapter 5 about being salt and light.

    I have felt such a burden lately for myself and other Christians to more visibly live that difference. Not just in hopes of converting people, but for the bigger purpose of better-reflecting God's glory, His character, and the changes He can make in a life submitted to Him.

    We pointed out that ministry was not the goal. It's not the focus or the objective. I don't remember who said it, but "Ministry is the wake we leave as we pursue Christ". So if we desire to bring more people to know Him and exhibit more fruit (Gal. 5:22), we need to just up our intensity with which we pursue Him. Refocus. Reprioritize. Put everything we invest in (with our time, money, and thought) through the filter of eternal vs. temporal importance.

    So that's my initial challenge in 2008 to you: Live the Difference. Not by "trying harder", but by fixing the eyes of your heart on your Savior, the Lord of all, and seeking the LIFE He died to offer us. (John 10:10, Matt. 6:33)