Friday, March 05, 2010

Isaiah 41:17-20

I'm realizing that God's heart for the poor and needy goes so much farther than JUST meeting their need and bringing them out of the brokenness. He's gracious alone in His act of just hearing us. I mean, let's get serious. Who is man, that He is mindful of us? (Psalm 8). If you need a little reminder to put this in perspective, read Isaiah 40 before going further.

But His grace to us abounds in that He reveals Himself to us! He shows us what is TRULY good. Having our physical or temporal needs met is valuable, yes. But how much greater a gift is knowing and being known by the LIVING GOD?!

The extent He went to in order to bridge the chasm our sin causes is the testament of this great love. Weak illustration: would you ever be willing to die so that you could be in relationship with that person that cut you off on traffic, or that coworker that's a jerk, or that random stranger that believes something different than you do? Well, He was. And He did. And that enemy was me...and you.

And He just keeps loving us. How amazing IS this grace?! As Sara Groves said in her song "Add to the Beauty", it's an invitation to be beautiful. Are you in?

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