Monday, July 13, 2009

Our highlights from Tijuana, Mexico

The testimonies about what God did on our trip

Thursday, July 02, 2009

He's so much Greater

I already knew that, but man, He dropped off a load of blessing on my trip to Mexico. You never know exactly how and where He's going to work. You just know that He is, and you try to get your "yes" ready for when the missions are doled out. It's almost funny to read back through my blogpost prior to the trip. It was interesting to talk with another of the girl leaders who had a day pre-trip that looked a lot like mine in terms of doubting, considering backing out, and just overall feeling discouraged about what the trip had in store for her.

There was not a single time on the trip where I needed my space. There WAS one afternoon/evening where I had the second worst migraine of my life (and wanted to die) where I wanted everyone to go away for quiet and darkness. But that's an extenuating circumstance. AND my team and the missionaries down there were so gracious to pray over me, give me compassion, and nurse me back to health. But in terms of social space, I was never craving that. I enjoyed being around the whole team the whole time. In fact, as soon as I got back to my empty house on Saturday evening, I was sad. It was fun living in a compound, seeing the same happy faces with a similar purpose on a daily basis.

I was incredibly encouraged on this trip. I had multiple people speak specific words of edification into my life on this trip. I was affirmed in certain giftings (that I'm encouraged and feel compelled to develop). I was able to be just a clear and empty vessel for whatever the Holy Spirit wanted to do through me. It was so liberating.

That's most of what I love about missions. You have no distractions. You are entering a new place, with new people, with only one objective: obedience to whatever God puts in front of you. You won't be able to plan perfectly for it. Flexibility is the name of the game. But there's nothing like it. Things I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed being a part of:

  • Specific and directed intercessory prayer for others. It's such a privilege to lift up another before the throne of God and be a conduit for that person to experience Him. And also, what a privilege to go to battle with and for another soul. THAT's what it's about. I love getting to see God be God.
  • singing for Jesus. My voice was totally different on this trip. I felt it the first day when we worshipped before we left Washington. I felt freed to lift up my voice in praise to Him. It was different. I sounded different.
  • Encouraging others. I loved getting to speak Truth and compliments into those around me either in Mexico or on my team. I was there with some stellar youth from Washington, Cali, and Montana. They all have beautiful hearts and are extremely gifted. Not to mention they were a BLAST to be around.
  • Being doctrinally challenged. I got to know an amazing pastor who really took to challenging me in my faith. He shared my passion for the preservation of the Truth of Scripture. He does not take his job of handling the Word of God lightly. I so respect that. He wielded it well, and was very encouraging to me in his teaching of it.
I feel like I have lots to learn and process from this trip. I see a threshold or a crossroads in my near future. I'm just trying to remain on the altar. (Rom. 12:1) It's hard to be a living sacrifice. You DO want to keep crawling away. And honestly, the Enemy didn't waste any time shooting fiery arrows at me. He immediately hit me in my weak spot the day I returned. But the One my heart loves is faithful. He continues to fight for me. He's given me amazing people to fight with and for me as well. This isn't the end of my Mexico lessons...just a quick overview.