Sunday, May 28, 2006

My first Nashville Star Sighting

to me, anyway. I walked into the Mercy Lounge to hear some people play, and there sits Chris Rice on a bar stool. I bout flipped.

I already knew of two of the guys playing, Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes...shown below,


I really enjoyed their music. I had never heard them live before, but they did a bombin' job. Good writing...

Then there was a new kid. I had never heard of him before, but he really impressed me. His style kinda creeps up and grabs you, then you're hooked. Check him out, Tyler James...

the kid's money.

On a little different note (but still on the star-to-me sightings), I went to church this morning with Andy and Jill Gullahorn. Such a neat experience. They attend an Anglican church here called Church of the Redeemer. Check it out. They have two beautiful children with whom I've already fallen in love. The congregation at this church was unlike any I'd ever encountered. No sign of judgment anywhere. There wasn't room because the love they showed for each other penetrated the place. Different folks from different walks of life truly united in the pursuit of Christ with a surprisingly raw desire. Like I said, it was deeply enlightening. I'll keep you posted on where I end up (churchwise).

Thanks for reading...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Something Old, Something New...

I left Memphis last Friday. The only time I cried saying goodbye was with Nat. It really hurt my heart to drive away. However, many times in the car by myself I was moved to tears when I thought of how great my friends have been, the surprise party, and all the blessings God has showered on me during my time in Memphis.

I moved all my stuff to Nashville on Saturday but didn't stay. My new roommate got up early and helped me move my stuff in! Katie's great.

We got Payten graduated, and I hung out with the fam for a couple of days. Last night was my first sleep in my old bed in a new room. I had a good talk with Katie, and I'm excited about us rooming together. I know I will like it here. I'm expectant for God to move me during my time here.

Thank you, all you who have been praying for me and encouraging me. It has been vital to me. Everyone, please come visit!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Best
  • friends and family anyone could have,
  • going away party ever,
  • surprise kept from me,
  • and time with a moon bounce.

That's what I experienced tonight. I was having (or so I thought) sushi with Zach, Justin, Nat, and Brad, but we had to hurry because I had a meeting planned later tonight. Nat drives us to pick the boys up, and it's the slowest I've ever seen her drive. I'm kind of a planner, so I'm going nuts because we're behind schedule. When we pull up to their house, Nat and Brad want to get out, and I get mad about it, cuz I'd rather just call them to come to the car! Then I notice there are ton of cars at Zach's house. Then I see my stepmom at her expedition diggout a camera. Then I notice a car that looks like my mom's. Then I flip out. I walk in to see about 30 people who have come to wish me well. It was amazing. Zach and Nat, with help from others, planned this huge party for me! I was stunned and overwhelmed. Zach had Germantown Commissary BBQ and the moon bounce blowup toy in the background of the picture brought in for everyone.

It means so much to me that people would do so much, go so far out of their way for me. I'm floored. I truly am. It is so challenging to me to see people who are so good at being a friend, at self-sacrifice, at thinking of others. These people are incredible: all my friends and family. People drove long distances, kept good secrets, and even lied well to pull all this off. I don't deserve these calibur people in my life, and especially for them to give this much to me. I'm extremely blessed and humbled by the gift of themselves that they give to me.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Broken and Inflamed...

Is my heart right now about all that is brewing at Germantown Baptist Church. I love this church, and God has used it to bring such joy and comfort to me in a big, new, scary, secular place like Memphis and pharmacy school. It was a shock for me coming from the Bubble of Union, and this church was a lifeline. I have been fed with Biblical Truth, blessed with the presence of Holy Spirit during worship services, and given the experience of true fellowship among believers in that place. All of this occurred under the leadership of Dr. Sam Shaw. God could have used anyone He chose to grow that church exponentially as He has since Pastor Sam got here in 1998. But He used Sam...because Sam has been obedient and responsive to the things God has laid on his heart. Is he perfect? NO! Is anyone? Does that mean we just shank all positions of Biblical leadership simply because no one is perfectly fit to lead them? NO! And handicap grace? What does Paul go over and over again? God's power is seen in man's weakness? He uses the fools of the earth to shame the wise? No one is adequate apart from the grace Christ died to afford us.

My point is, and I have a few of them, all of the people that voted against the new Constitution and Bylaws were NOT voting against Sam. The "Save GBC"ers are highly misinformed if they believe that to be the case. It is unfair and incorrect for them to speak for those they have not spoken to. And then to tell that to the media! Absurdity.

Here's one of the articles that has come out recently in the Commercial Appeal:,1426

Please check it out. I hate that I'm leaving my church home at a time like this. But I'm not going to fail to protect and preserve it. There are rumors of people working to ask for Pastor Sam's and most of the staff's resignation. One key staff member has already resigned. And I'm mad about it. Who will fight for them? Who will defend them? They are the people God has used to grow the church in width and depth, to give the church true vision for outreach and evangelism, and to carry the church on to fulfill God-sized missions that man would never think possible. And people want them GONE? Just because they're not comfortable with a guitar instead of an organ? Or because the person sitting beside them in the church pew doesn't look just like them? Does the congregation own the preacher and his job? Is that what Paul preached in the New Testament? Does he who has the biggest tithe get the loudest voice? Is that where we are? I'm mad. I'm disappointed in God's the Body of Christ.

My prayer is that God will come in power, that He will bring His justice swiftly. I pray that He will love those who are astray back into the fold. I pray that He will give me a heart that is burdened and constantly praying for those deceived. I pray that He will bring His Light and His Truth in power, and the wolves in sheeps clothing would be revealed. I pray to Jehovah Rapha, the God Who Heals, that He will do what only He can in the hearts of men.

Please pray... for my church, for the staff, for the divisive ones, against the Father of Lies, for God's glory to be seen and His Kingdom to be furthered. Eternity depends on it.
New Thoughts

From my observation...and my seems that dating relationships (in many cases, not all) that are carried out in an appropriate manner arise when a young man finds something desirable in a young woman. He observes her further to notice the presence or absence of future potential as a wife and a mom. This may not be a fully conscious process. He may not realize why he's attracted to certain things and not to others, but evidence has led me to believe this is the case. At some point, he makes the inner decision that he would like to have her as his. The pursuit begins. All he really has to do over the course of time is make her aware that he sees and values specific qualities about her. It ALMOST never fails. Women respond to being cherished. Here's the take-away points at which I wanted the reader to arrive:

GUYS: If you like the girl, just pursue! You'd be suprised how a heart can be turned when you come to retrieve it with confidence, gentleness, and perseverance. But, seriously, keep in mind, if she keeps rejecting, gather the scraps of self-esteem, and keep your eyes open for someone better suited for you.

GIRLS: Sweetie, you can crush all you want, but they ain't all coming after you. So have fun with your girls and your guy friends if you have them. Don't get overjoyed when someone wants to "set you up". It works for some; for others it's a nightmare. Keep your eyes open as well. It may actually take you somehow getting your foot in the door to snag a thought in his head. But someone will come. And keep in mind, your Savior has already come. It's a tragedy to all parties involved when the role of Christ and the man in your life become construed. No good.

A wise man once told me: Girls initiate, guys pursue, girls respond. I'm not sure that any of the previous advice applies across the board, but it's just what I've got for now.

I'd LOVE some feedback...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol...

Seriously! I give up! What is wrong with this nation? Chris, the BEST one on there by FAR, just got voted off tonight. I boycott. All is wrong in this scenario. Taylor shoulda been headed home after the first couple of weeks. Honestly! Where is the justice?!

Friday, May 05, 2006

One more...

Saw Pride and Prejudice tonight. Maybe not the best idea...but it did help throw a few punches
at the skeptic that's taken over, so maybe there's positive. Who can say? It was a little predictable, but it got me. I was in it. Maybe because I'm thickheaded and opinionated like Elizabeth. Once again, who's to say? And I'm sad to say (and a little embarassed) that I cried. BUT only in the part where she was talking to her dad and HE starts crying. I could SO see that occurring between me and my dad. He's got a visible heart like that. I love that about him. Okay, got a few more stories to tell so let's move on...

So I'm sitting in my apartment tonight. Keep in mind that I live downtown, really close to some shady areas. I'm watching my movie; Nat and Brad are hanging out. Then BANG! A couple more... BANG! BANG! What's funny is that at first, I didn't even react. Then it kept happening! If you think the initial response is fear for my life if that happens to be coming from a 9 mm, you'd be WRONG! I'm ticked. I'm trying to watch my movie, and I wanna know why the heck some punk is either blowing something up or shooting a gun! So I throw open the blinds and open our balcony door. Then I see a couple of flashes correlating to the timing of the bangs. Then I understand...Redbirds over. They're shooting fireworks. Maybe because it's Cinco de Mayo. Who knows? I don't really lose any annoyance because I'm still hindered from hearing my movie. It finally stops.

Last story, I promise to keep it short. I visited my buddies up at Louisville, KY, that go to Southern over the past three days. Today, I decide to go with Bredow to the gym at their school to work out. Then I decide I'll just lift with him. lol. Great idea. I'm reminded of how weak I currently am, and then the worse comes. I'm sitting on the machine where you do bicep curls by pulling up the bar. My elbows are on the pad. I've finished my set, and I'm about to get up. So I just drop the handlebars. Well, they're not stationary. They are set out apart from the actual bar. Think of a "T" shape. When I dropped those bad boys, they THUMPED my knees so hard I didn't think I could get up. I really didn't know what had happened. I half expected my feet to have both kicked up like I got shocked as the reflex response usually works upon percussion. And I sure enough got beat. And now I have two symmetrical knots right below my kneecap that are painful upon any type of movement in my lower leg. Great idea...

Ok, so I'm not good at keepin' things short.