Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Best
  • friends and family anyone could have,
  • going away party ever,
  • surprise kept from me,
  • and time with a moon bounce.

That's what I experienced tonight. I was having (or so I thought) sushi with Zach, Justin, Nat, and Brad, but we had to hurry because I had a meeting planned later tonight. Nat drives us to pick the boys up, and it's the slowest I've ever seen her drive. I'm kind of a planner, so I'm going nuts because we're behind schedule. When we pull up to their house, Nat and Brad want to get out, and I get mad about it, cuz I'd rather just call them to come to the car! Then I notice there are ton of cars at Zach's house. Then I see my stepmom at her expedition diggout a camera. Then I notice a car that looks like my mom's. Then I flip out. I walk in to see about 30 people who have come to wish me well. It was amazing. Zach and Nat, with help from others, planned this huge party for me! I was stunned and overwhelmed. Zach had Germantown Commissary BBQ and the moon bounce blowup toy in the background of the picture brought in for everyone.

It means so much to me that people would do so much, go so far out of their way for me. I'm floored. I truly am. It is so challenging to me to see people who are so good at being a friend, at self-sacrifice, at thinking of others. These people are incredible: all my friends and family. People drove long distances, kept good secrets, and even lied well to pull all this off. I don't deserve these calibur people in my life, and especially for them to give this much to me. I'm extremely blessed and humbled by the gift of themselves that they give to me.

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Daron said...

I'm so glad it was amazing! I wanted to go SO much, but I had already made plans. I wish I could have been there, but I know it was awesome without me. ;) I love you!!!