Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He makes All Things New

Today I spoke with a lady who used to abuse IV drugs. I normally avoid interacting with patients at work for a few reasons: 1. You never know what you're in for. 2. I don't have much patience for the general public, especially those that don't see things the way I do. I know it sounds close-minded; I'm just being honest. Hang out at Walmart around Christmas; tell me how you feel then.

Despite my slight apprehension, I went in open-minded, ready to help address her pain management. I went in to meet a tired-looking lady who had lived a lot of life in not as many years. She described being in a state of underlying pain constantly but because of her past, she didn't want to ask for more meds. I could see in her face and hear in her voice an honest insight into her past failures. I also saw an expectation to presently suffer because of it, almost as a punishment for it.

It made me sad, and I couldn't help but draw the parallel to myself, how I tend to expect myself to keep getting it wrong. I negate Christ's power of forgiveness and redemption and put more emphasis on MY wrongdoing. How sad that must make His heart. Are His mercies truly new and big enough every time or not?

What I wanted to tell that lady was that she didn't have to live under the shadow of her past. There is new Life in Him. He makes beauty out of ashes. We have HOPE in a God Who changes hearts. I have to believe that before I can give it away. Do you?

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