Friday, September 29, 2006

Just kidding...

Bet you thought I was flying to Hungary today. Well, I did too. However, Northwest airlines had other plans for me.

I showed up at the airport by 3:00, stressed and unsure if I would make it in time. I got up to the counter, and one of my bags was 7 lbs. over the limit. So I moved some stuff over to the other bag, and then they were under the limit. Now the other bag was beastly, and I was having a hard time getting it up on the scale again. Seeing no one ready to help, I just gave one big heave-ho and dropped that bad boy in the scale. I heard a ding and then saw the number read "0.0" ! I broke the scale! I didn't get in trouble. No one even noticed until they started throwing other people's bags up there.

Made it through security and check-in in about 20 minutes. When I got to the terminal, they were telling us that the flight hadn't left memphis yet and would be delayed secondary mechanical problems. Yeah, so we finally left Nashville at 6:22 p.m. and arrived at Memphis at 7:15. My Amsterdam flight was supposed to leave at 7:25 p.m.

So as I'm running down the terminals, a lady tells me it's no use, they already shut the door.

After a long afternoon of anger and typical Lauren-Webb-angry sarcasm on the phone with NW employees and whoever else will listen.

Moral of story: Airlines are inefficient. They're all broke, and the junky part is, you don't have an option. Flying is a necessity. They're one of the few occupations that has no accountability or quality control. What do you think would happen if I just gave people the wrong pills? Righttttt.

Tonight I'm staying with fun and close friends Donna and Leela in Memphis. I'm glad. They're fun pharmacy girls, and they always make me feel good. We're trying this whole thing again tomorrow. I forewent the hotel option and got some food vouchers instead.

So I'll let you know if I ever make it over there. And I promise to try to keep these shorter in the future.
Ok, people, this is it...

I just finished putting my face on, Payten's on her way, and I'm bout to turn on my computer for the month.

I'm so excited. I can't wait for the adventures that lie ahead of me. Please keep me in your prayers and pray specifically that God will reveal Himself in new ways and give me a fresh passion for Him while I'm in a new place.

Current request: Lan's flight to Newark from Knoxville is an hour behind...which means she may miss her flight to London and the one to Budapest. Please pray that something works out in order for her to get to Budapest on Saturday, the scheduled arrival. We're not freaking out, but the only other flights out of Newark leave on Sunday. I want her to be there with me for the sightseeing on Sunday. Thank you for praying. I know God will work it all out.

I wish I could see everyone before I leave, but know that I love you and I'll miss you!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I've sat around tonight thinking about tomorrow and the fact that I'm leaving for Europe. And that's crazy to me. I'm excited but kinda sad about not being around my family or friends for a month...even though I hope to get to see Casey, one of my best friends who lives in Lithuania during the school year. That will be a blessing.

Lan, the student I'm traveling with, is a really nice girl, and I expect that we'll have fun together.

I have no idea exactly where I'll be during the month or what I'll be doing, and that's kinda fun.

I love all my family and friends. May God continue to bless you and keep you while I'm away.

Some verses to live on: Matt. 6:33, Phil. 4:19, Zeph. 3:17.

By special request: Natty-tat, whatup, playa fly? Here's to you, girl!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Nanny called today, and the doctor doesn't think it's cancer. She was in much better spirits, and she goes to get it all checked out on Wednesday. Please continue to keep her, our family, and her caregivers in your prayers. Thank you.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I cried today...

more than I have as far back as I can remember. There was something strangely freeing about the release that came with weeping. There have been some things happen lately that concerned me about the health of my Nanny. I am not okay with the concept of ever losing her. So when my dad told me an update today, I lost the middle of the Civic Center...during Heritage Day in my hometown. I finally made it outside to hug Daron, my sis, goodbye. I was sad I didn't get to see her more before I leave for Hungary. She had soccer practice. Poor thing, she caught me at the wrong time because once we embraced, I couldn't let her go. lol. I just sat there...crying on her. Daron, having one of the most tender hearts of anyone I know, cried with me, of course. Now everyone in the fam was sufficiently upset because I couldn't hold it together.

It gets better...

I proceed to Nanny's house to visit her, crying all the way. I tried to get it together long enough to make it through the door, but once I hit her bedroom, the tears returned. Then, of course, SHE cried. I'm like a disease. But it was the sweetest visit. We talked about life, death, pain, Heaven. She's a strong Christian, and she looks forward to the day she gets to be with her Savior. I was so comforted to hear that she (and she may be the only one of my family) is okay with all the traveling that I do and that I will do as a missionary in the future. She said, "Lauren, I'm already prayed up about that." lol. I love it.

We went through old memories: of her life and of mine. She talked lovingly about the early days of her and Granddaddy's relationship. lol. They wrote letters to each other, passed through Grandaddy's sister, because they didn't go to school together. Precious.

I then walked down to Granddaddy's shop to talk to him. That talk was just as sweet. We shared tears and memories as well. The whole afternoon was so rich, so valuable, so priceless. I just wanted to breathe it in and hold it inside...forever. It was like a moment you know will be a memory so you try to somehow capture it. You don't want to miss a single part when you're running back over it in your head.

I tried to see it from each of their perspectives: Nanny's more worried about Granddaddy, the kids, and the grandkids than herself. She's prepared for whatever news the doctors might bring. Granddaddy's concerned and supportive and wants us all to be involved. But everyone is mindful that God is sovereign, that He will provide for our needs, and that He will be our Rock whatever winds may come. There's just nothing else worth clinging to in times of trial. Sometimes sadness is sweeter than joy just because you get to be held more tightly by His Hand, you get to be healed deeper, you submit so much more willingly because you have no will to fight. I may not be okay with the inevitables of life, but just knowing the heart of the One Who holds it (Col. 1:17, Ps. 139:16) sustains me.

Friday, September 22, 2006

7 Days and Counting...

I leave a week from today to head to Hungary. I'm super-excited and a little nervous about forgetting stuff, getting lost, not knowing what's going on, etc. I know it'll be a great experience regardless of what adventures may lie before me.

Here's what I need: travel tips! Give me all you got. Leave me a comment with any words of wisdom you may have to offer about traveling...especially if it involves traveling in Europe.

Get ready...on your mark...get set...GO!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Walking in Memphis...

A trip to Memphis is always a refreshment to me. It's such a comfortable and familiar place. I don't miss the driving or the constant awareness that keeps you from leaving anything valuable in sight from the outside of your car, but overall, it's a place dear to my heart.

Friday I was able to distract a couple of my girlfriends from their therapeutics studying to go to dinner. LOVE some Central BBQ. Nothing like the half order of chicken nachos. It just might change your life. Donna and Leela are GREAT company, whether in Nashville or Memphis. We enjoy talking about life as a single pharmacy girl trying to have some fun along the way. I think the pinnacle of the night was when Leela made the comment, "What's up with these guys of high calibur intelligence dating MORONS?" That definitely got the full dose of the Lauren-Webb-guffaw. Priceless. Are guys scared of smart girls? Who knows? Our point was that we don't have a problem serving or supporting or anything as long as there's some insurance of self-preservation. Our fear is not submission; it's lack of appreciation. lol. Definitely something I've been praying about for a while now.

Saturday I got to eat lunch with some of my old Fusion group. My once-freshman girls are growing up on me. We chatted about boys, eyeshadow, and their lives post-GBC meltdown. I miss those girls.

Later that afternoon, I met some of my old favorite people at MPC (or Memphis Pizza Cafe for those of you NOT familiar with the best place to eat in Shelby County) in Germantown, then went to Zach's to watch the vols hand the game over to Florida. Ugh.

I stayed with Matt and Meg on Sat. night. I loved their house. Very cute. Meg and I stayed up and chatted for a while. It's so neat how deeply God uses her to encourage me. All she has to do is share with me what she sees as God's potential in my life, and I'll believe it. That's the type of friends that I have there. When I can't lay hold of hope of God's plan for me, my friends are carrying it for me.

My life seems like such an adventure right now...and it is. And I feel excited about it most of the time. It's just those fleeting instances where I see my friends happy and settled around me, and I wonder if I'm missing something. I think for a second that I would be willing to give up my adventure to join in someone else's. Then God's faithfulness shines through, reminding me that the coolest part is that someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 5 years, His adventure for me will be to join in someone else's. And then I'm excited to live mine in the meantime to the fullest.

Friday, September 15, 2006

From The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a' Kempis:

"When a man reaches a point where he seeks no solace from any creature, then he begins to relish God perfectly. Then also he will be content no matter what may happen to him. He will neither rejoice over great things nor grieve over small ones, but will place himself entirely and confidently in the hands of God, Who for him is all in all, to Whom nothing ever perishes or dies, for Whom all things live, and Whom they serve as He desires."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This tops all...

or at least MOST of my recent stories. Mom texted me tonight. Yep, my mom learned to text from a girl at work. How crazy is that? Homegirl turns 50 and now she's taking over the world! So proud. So anyway, her text went something like:

"U got mail from a jailbird
Hot blonde Mama"

Definitely intrigued, she finally calls me to let me know that there was in fact a letter sitting on the kitchen table addressed to "Lauren Butler" from some guy named Kelsie up in some "correctional facility" in Louisiana. I know no one that fits this description, but I'm curious so I permit her to open the letter. Poor thing. The guy was hoping to contact some "Lauren Butler" that he was in the hospital with somewhere in Riverdale...wherever Riverdale is. He asked me to write back whether I was or was not her. So I am. He must have looked up the name in the phonebook because when I was in high school, we had our line at my mom's under Lauren, Jada, and Payten Butler. Poor guy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Jesus, keep me near the cross,
There a precious fountain,
Free to all, a healing stream,
Flows from Calv'ry's mountain.

In the cross, in the cross
Be my glory ever,
Till my ransomed soul shall find
Rest beyond the river.

Near the cross! O Lamb of God,
Bring its scenes before me,
Help me walk from day to day
With its shadow o'er me.

In the cross, in the cross
Be my glory ever,
Till my ransomed soul shall find
Rest beyond the river.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"My life would be way better if it had a soundtrack playing behind it."

-my roommate Katie...this quote was priceless.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dr. Cross's church, Christ Fellowship, was a whole different story...actually, no, it's the same as the others...I loved the people there! They were fun and crazy like me! AND they love Jesus! Double whammy. Can't beat that when it comes to friends to keep close. We ended up getting a girl's group to eat together on Monday nights. We always ended up hanging around to chat and cut up. The people there were so welcoming and encouraging.

The other lovely people we worked with include Kay, Barbara, and Candice up at the front. They were fun and kept us informed on the free food upstairs. Robyn is a nurse there that keeps everyone upbeat with her constant smile and jovial attitude. Michelle's super-nice and was always on the look-out for someone to hook me up with. lol. stories to tell on that. Sylvia was a trip. I love this little lady. Every place of work needs one of her around to keep things on track. You better not have food or drink in your mouth when she launches into a story or you're choking...guaranteed. The picture here is of her "dog and the catheter" story. Don't ask...unless you really wanna know.

Farewell, my dear Kingsport...

It was a great month. I loved the people: in the clinic, the patients, the community, the church-folk. And of course, Clara was a bombin' roommate. We fit really well. It was great to spend time with and cut up with ol' Ben Gross...I'm sorry, Dr. Ben Gross. You may remember him as my big brother in ASP (the president before me). He's doing really well there, and the site is just phenomenal.

Dr. Cross is great, as always. Such a pioneer in the profession. This guy's the diabetes guru. With him, Dr. Wood, Dr. Foard, and Kim, you're bound to get your "sugar" under control...assuming you listen to them. lol. That definitely can't be assumed...patient compliance.

The scenery's pretty up in East TN. I expected it to be. Weather's a little easier on you than Nashville or Memphis, but still hot.

So from this experience, I can say I LOVE ambulatory care. I was so at home talking to the patients, explaining to them why they're on what they're on and what they need to change to improve their health. You feel so alive when you're doing what you feel created to do. That's what I got in the clinic seeing patients.

Looking forward...I WILL be doing a residency. It WILL be far away...from home/Memphis/where I've been before. So who knows? I'll keep you posted. That's where I am right now in the process.