Thursday, September 14, 2006

This tops all...

or at least MOST of my recent stories. Mom texted me tonight. Yep, my mom learned to text from a girl at work. How crazy is that? Homegirl turns 50 and now she's taking over the world! So proud. So anyway, her text went something like:

"U got mail from a jailbird
Hot blonde Mama"

Definitely intrigued, she finally calls me to let me know that there was in fact a letter sitting on the kitchen table addressed to "Lauren Butler" from some guy named Kelsie up in some "correctional facility" in Louisiana. I know no one that fits this description, but I'm curious so I permit her to open the letter. Poor thing. The guy was hoping to contact some "Lauren Butler" that he was in the hospital with somewhere in Riverdale...wherever Riverdale is. He asked me to write back whether I was or was not her. So I am. He must have looked up the name in the phonebook because when I was in high school, we had our line at my mom's under Lauren, Jada, and Payten Butler. Poor guy.

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