Sunday, September 17, 2006

Walking in Memphis...

A trip to Memphis is always a refreshment to me. It's such a comfortable and familiar place. I don't miss the driving or the constant awareness that keeps you from leaving anything valuable in sight from the outside of your car, but overall, it's a place dear to my heart.

Friday I was able to distract a couple of my girlfriends from their therapeutics studying to go to dinner. LOVE some Central BBQ. Nothing like the half order of chicken nachos. It just might change your life. Donna and Leela are GREAT company, whether in Nashville or Memphis. We enjoy talking about life as a single pharmacy girl trying to have some fun along the way. I think the pinnacle of the night was when Leela made the comment, "What's up with these guys of high calibur intelligence dating MORONS?" That definitely got the full dose of the Lauren-Webb-guffaw. Priceless. Are guys scared of smart girls? Who knows? Our point was that we don't have a problem serving or supporting or anything as long as there's some insurance of self-preservation. Our fear is not submission; it's lack of appreciation. lol. Definitely something I've been praying about for a while now.

Saturday I got to eat lunch with some of my old Fusion group. My once-freshman girls are growing up on me. We chatted about boys, eyeshadow, and their lives post-GBC meltdown. I miss those girls.

Later that afternoon, I met some of my old favorite people at MPC (or Memphis Pizza Cafe for those of you NOT familiar with the best place to eat in Shelby County) in Germantown, then went to Zach's to watch the vols hand the game over to Florida. Ugh.

I stayed with Matt and Meg on Sat. night. I loved their house. Very cute. Meg and I stayed up and chatted for a while. It's so neat how deeply God uses her to encourage me. All she has to do is share with me what she sees as God's potential in my life, and I'll believe it. That's the type of friends that I have there. When I can't lay hold of hope of God's plan for me, my friends are carrying it for me.

My life seems like such an adventure right now...and it is. And I feel excited about it most of the time. It's just those fleeting instances where I see my friends happy and settled around me, and I wonder if I'm missing something. I think for a second that I would be willing to give up my adventure to join in someone else's. Then God's faithfulness shines through, reminding me that the coolest part is that someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 5 years, His adventure for me will be to join in someone else's. And then I'm excited to live mine in the meantime to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

lauren... i loved it! you basically summed everything up. it was written so well because i said "exactly" a few times... i miss hanging out with you so much!can't wait to december!

LEW said...

My guess is the former comment was either Donna or Leela. They're coming back to Nashvegas in Dec.

Anonymous said...

"Are guys scared of smart girls? Who knows? Our point was that we don't have a problem serving or supporting or anything as long as there's some insurance of self-preservation."

Lauren, are you calling yourself smart? i think this goes against your abnormal humblings. plus, are you basing this on your love for physics and molecule museums?