Friday, September 01, 2006

Farewell, my dear Kingsport...

It was a great month. I loved the people: in the clinic, the patients, the community, the church-folk. And of course, Clara was a bombin' roommate. We fit really well. It was great to spend time with and cut up with ol' Ben Gross...I'm sorry, Dr. Ben Gross. You may remember him as my big brother in ASP (the president before me). He's doing really well there, and the site is just phenomenal.

Dr. Cross is great, as always. Such a pioneer in the profession. This guy's the diabetes guru. With him, Dr. Wood, Dr. Foard, and Kim, you're bound to get your "sugar" under control...assuming you listen to them. lol. That definitely can't be assumed...patient compliance.

The scenery's pretty up in East TN. I expected it to be. Weather's a little easier on you than Nashville or Memphis, but still hot.

So from this experience, I can say I LOVE ambulatory care. I was so at home talking to the patients, explaining to them why they're on what they're on and what they need to change to improve their health. You feel so alive when you're doing what you feel created to do. That's what I got in the clinic seeing patients.

Looking forward...I WILL be doing a residency. It WILL be far away...from home/Memphis/where I've been before. So who knows? I'll keep you posted. That's where I am right now in the process.

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Clara said...

Is your residency going to be someplace Philadelphia? I love you girl! I had such a blast with you in Kingsport. You're awesome!