Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Justice is served

I know most of you will not be surprised...but I received a speeding ticket tonight from a state trooper in Putnam County (Cookeville) on my way to Nashville from Kingsport. I was rolling on, making good time, averaging about 85 when he got me. 85 in a 70. He was really nice, and I was surprisingly polite as well. However, that didn't keep him from slapping a big 159 dollar fine on there. It could have been worse. It could have been better. It did get better. The court date he gave me is the day I'll be flying to Hungary...righhhhhht. Guess which I'm picking? I think I just have to call a number and get it changed.

So all of you who were thinking "I told you so": we'll just pretend I can hear you. Thanks.


Daron said...

Dang, Gina! Dad know about this yet? Haha.

Anna said...

Oh, that sucks! It's definitely happened to me before! I'm not sure what the law in TN is, but in Kansas at least, if you plead guilty to the ticket, you don't actually have to go to court, you can just mail a check. You might want to check on that and save yourself a trip to the courthouse.