Friday, August 11, 2006


It's been great up here. Clara is a great roommate, one of the best I could have had. The experience at the site has been amazing due to a few things...
  • Ben Gross, my "big brother" from ASP (the president before me), is doing his residency here. So I've gotten to see patients with him and learn from him and with him.
  • Dr. Cross is one of the best and most progressive pharmacists I've ever met. It's been such a blessing to see his practice and learn from it.
  • The people in the Disease State Management clinic are great! The women at the front, the MD, the other pharmacist, the PA, the nurses, and all the staff here have been so nice and generous to us.
  • East TN is not too bad. The scenery is pretty. I wonder if I'm in a time warp every once in a while, but the people are super-nice for the most part.
  • What they do here in Disease State Mgmt is phenomenal. They truly improve people's quality of life. They take time to listen, and they CARE about their patients and what will make their lives easier.

Most of our lives this month has been consumed by the rotation, I'll be honest. But I haven't all. That's really not like me, either. I'm just trying to see what I enjoy the most and trying to equip myself with the clinical skills I need to do what these people do every day: help people.

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