Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dance War

One of the new shows on ABC didn't catch my attention UNTIL...

I found out my friend Phillip was on there!

I met Phillip last January at a Super Bowl party for young singles from Brentwood Baptist Church. We immediately had a blast cutting up, and before the night was over I had gotten see some moves from Mr. Jesus-loving, Justin Timberlake-esque young Virginian. He had just moved to Nashville to do music, but he happened to be trained in ballroom dance (and could show out with some hip-hop as well). I even went salsa dancing with him a few times. But you have to go online and watch an episode or two to check out my buddy in action.

  • Here's the link.
  • Check it out. You can watch the show online! He's doing so well; I'm so proud. I can say I danced with him when...


    Anonymous said...

    i haven't been able to watch this show at all...our monday nights are packed this month...
    that is cool that you know that guy.
    obviously if he made the show he can really dance!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    That's so neat! I haven't watched this show yet. I kind of kept up with dancing with the stars though-makes you wanna learn to dance.I hope he does well.
    love you

    Anonymous said...

    I love Dance war!! Phillip is a cutie too. That's so fun that you know him. Alaina