Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back in the lower 48...

I flew home from Alaska today. It was such a great trip. So much cool scenery, neat people, fun activities, and great conversations. I got to see the teams in the Iditarod. I got to see the sun set over the range near the Alyeska ski resort. I went skiing and almost killed myself trying to make it down the mountain. I wish I could have just taped some of my falls. They had to be priceless. Well, actually, they did cost me. I'm pretty sure my knee got bent a little further than it's used to, but no major damage.

So on the 5-hour flight from Anchorage to Minne-haha, I start thinking about the decision before me and become overwhelmed. I start crying in my seat because I have no idea what I'm supposed to choose. I read in the Word, and no verses are putting these fears aside. So when I land in Minneapolis, I call my mom, dad, and Buckle. A poor girl in the airport brings me a tissue because I'm on my cell crying in the terminal. I'm such a girl sometimes. But I really felt like I was at a crisis point. Trying to discern God's ultimate plan for my life as much as it depends on my choices is BIG and daunting and risky. There's so much to weigh out in a decision like this, and I didn't want to be making it alone.

Evidently their prayers worked because over the course of the two-hour plane ride back to Nashville, I feel like I know what I should do. I'm open to God changing my mind tomorrow, but for now, I think I've decided my rank order.

So that's as far as my decision goes. After this point, it depends on how the programs ranked me. So there's still a decent chance I could end up at any of my choices. I'll keep you posted. And now I feel like a fool for losing my grip so quickly. If there's any lesson God has taught me on multiple occasions, it's that He's faithful. Father, heal my unbelief.


Daron said...

I believe you will end up where God wants you. Know that I am praying for you and will come visit you wherever you go. ;)

Rage said...

Girl I'm praying for you. Just remember, you are not big enough to screw up the Lord's plan!

Anonymous said...

It's okay to "lose it" sometimes. We're all human and most of the time we want God's plan to be obvious to us and so clear, but its not always so.And we are usually not patient enough.Now I'm wanna know what order you ranked them in.Let me know.
Love you,