Monday, March 12, 2007

I went to visit my nanny yesterday because she has recently been in and out of the hospital with heart issues. Knowing what I do now, it was really hard to hear her story and the chain of events and not drive down to JMCGH to tell them what I think about their care. That's a sermonette of mine that I won't expound upon today.

Instead I'll talk about the great conversation I was able to have with my grandparents about life, politics, and the upcoming presidential race. It's very intriguing to me to see where people fall in their support of the presently-running candidates. I have my own opinions, and I get to read the left-sided view of Newsweek on a regular basis. But it's always new when you talk to each individual, especially when they're loyal to a particular party. It just seems like they're aren't any winners on either side of the race this time.

DISCLAIMER: The following is just my conclusion from the information I've gathered so far. It IS subject to change, and I reserve the right to do so at my choosing.

You've got Hillary, who in my opinion, overcompensates for the perceived weakness of women by just being harsh and a bit scary. I would never want to spend time with her. She never smiles, and when she does, it's a bit evil. She just has too much to prove to not be a liability.

Obama, he seems great, but what's he about? No one really knows. And he ain't saying. Sure, he's a stud and all, but does the kid have a backbone? And where will he stand on things? Is silence his leadership style? Not working. Plus, being a Democrat from the north, that just makes me a little weary of his moral stances - again, assuming he has any.

Then the Reds, McCain, who's one of the 5 people left in America who support us being in Iraq. Seriously, we screwed up. We really flubbed this one. Let's all admit it, and try to get out without shanking all responsibility. Mitt Romney. Right... Seriously? You think you're just like the Christian right? Are you kidding? My personal belief is that Mormonism is a cult. And you operate under a belief that you'll become a god when you die? Trust me; we have nothing in common. Then Giuliani, who stepped up as a leader during crisis but is actually a Democrat on every possible moral issue.

As I was discussing this with my grandfather, he made some great points. One hit me the hardest. He noted that all these "Christians" are up in arms about abortion being wrong, but none of them adopt children that they encourage people to have. His simple view of Biblical principle was dead on. I was proud to be his granddaughter. I respect his outlook. He has lived through and has seen a lot of things over a lot of time. He remains true to his wife, committed to his family and his church, and lives by his faith in Christ. I know he's not nor has he ever been perfect, but he's an example of a life lived well.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Typical Baptist bigotry! Way to go. Keep the religious hatered and intolerance going. I'm sure you will get far with it!