Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Some fun pics with the trusty 35 mm...the flowers are from the trees at Riverset, my old apt. complex on Mud Island. They were gorgeous. The rest are random shots from the group that visited my dad's house for New Year's. These people are great. I think Lisa Whiffen took all or most of them.


Michael said...

Hey Lauren,

I've been checking our your blog. Hope things are going well. Holler at me sometime okay?

Anonymous said...

tips for a comment inducing blog:

1. Blog all the time. Heck, blog even twice a day sometimes. The more they see the more they have to comment on.

2. Open blog up to a wider community. encourage fellow subscriber's to direct their friends to your blog.

3. Think like Bonnie Raitt and "let's give em something to talk about" except...instead "let's give em something to BLOG about". if you sing it out loud, it's MUCH, MUCH better.

4. If all else fails, call em out and call em names untill you either run them all off or guilt trip them into blogging.

5. Finally, recruit family to pose as other people and and have them comment several times.