Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Payten needs prayer...

She found out today that she has mono. She had originally tested negative with the spot test, but her spleen is twice the normal size and all physical activity has been banned. Mom called me crying tonight with the news. This is Paytie's senior year, and she's the leading scorer for the high school basketball team. She will be missing the meat of her last season, because she doesn't want to play in college. She's extremely disappointed as well as my family and her teammates. Please lift her up before our loving Father during this tough time. She's only got a few more months to decide about which college to attend and to take advantage of her last year of high school. Thankfully, she's a solid girl who has a consistent walk with Christ, a great mind, and a fun personality. She'll get through this. Right now she and my family are trying to reconcile themselves to God's ultimate plan in all of this. Pray for more of His grace to be showered in their minds and hearts during this trial.


Anna said...

you girls are so beautiful!

Casey said...

So sad to hear that about Payten. I will definitely be in prayer for her as she has so many big decisions to make for the upcoming year. She was really ballin' too. Too bad. I really do hate that. Let her know I am thinking about her.