Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's been a great week. I had a huge test on Monday, went to work for a bit, then worked at GBC's Pumpkin Party. There were so many parents and kids in the Faith Building. Brittany and I ran one of the games. Some of the kids were absolutely precious! I wished I would have had my camera. The rest of the week has been pretty laid back. I went to the Memphis game against UAB on Tuesday night. There were a lot of people there from Career I. We had a big time cutting up and dancing with the Memphis band. They're so ghettro-fabulous; I love it! And it was great to see Daryl Hackney, UAB's QB, up close. He's the bomb. He's one of the tightest QB's I've ever seen in college football. I know my experience isn't that extensive, but he impresses me. Tennessee sure could use him. That's a sore subject...I'll move on. Then Wednesday night I got to see Shaq play in the Grizzlie's opening game! It was great. I was about 20 rows up from the floor! Those kids are huge!!! I knew they were big, but seeing them for real was mind-boggling.

I've also got to talk to some of my friends from back in the day this week, whether via email or phone conversation. McLean, Josh, Jess, Wendy, all kinds of peeps. It's good to catch up and always interesting the changes God has brought us through.

I leave for Birmingham tomorrow. It's the Midyear Regional Meeting for Region 3 of APha-ASP. That doesn't mean much to anyone but me, but it's the organization that I'm the president of at our local chapter level. We get to meet up with our friends in the southeast and discuss ideas, opportunities, and policy. I like the legislative stuff. It gets kinda heated at times. It's always a good time. As pharmacy people, we always make time for social gatherings. And Birmingham's nice, so it'll be fun.

I apologize for the lack of exciting content in this post. But life is good right now. God is really answering prayer in revealing Himself and drawing me to Him. I'm not any "better" as a person, but He's never expected me to be. I'm learning that. He just asks that I love and follow Him. I'm learning how to respond in the same simplicity with which He pursues. Life is good.


Anna said...

Your last paragraph really struck a chord with me. What an incredible lesson to be learning, and how great the rewards will be. I love how paradoxical God is sometimes - the greatest rewards come out of the deepest simplicity.
Anna in Lithuania

Anonymous said...

That basketball game sounds really exciting. With whom did you go? You probably had to sit in the nosebleed section, right? I'm assuming the person(s) you went with couldn't get good seats. Furthermore, i assume this "friend" that you went with was probably really boring and not funny. Any light you can shed on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

Lauren said...

I need to explain...Zach, my friend that I accompanied to see Shaq, left the previous comment. I failed to mention him in the blog, and for that, I apologize. He was nice enough to invite me to the game, and not only that, but the tickets were honking awesome! We sat about 20 rows up from the floor, and I could not believe how huge those guys were. I had a blast. Zach is fun to be around because he's intelligent and sometimes even funny, if you can't tell both of these things from the way he composed the "anonymous" comment. Zach, thank you again for taking me, and you know I appreciate your friendship.