Monday, November 07, 2005

I spent the weekend in Birmingham, AL. Our APhA-ASP chapter made the trip for our Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM). Region 3, composed of the southeastern portion of the US plus Puerto Rico, is very strong when it comes to ASP. I always have a good time, and the people are the best. I was able to hang out with all my friends that I made during the Summer Leadership Institute in DC this summer. It's funny that we only got to spend about 30 hours total with each other, but great friendships were formed. I'll take a moment to send a shout-out to all my homies in Region 3:

  • my girl Sadie from Campbell University over in NC
  • my buddy Daniel from UGA
  • Shelly from USC, South Carolina, not Southern Cali
  • Lisa from Ole Miss
  • Wheeler, also from Campbell, met her for the first time
  • I'm sure there are a few more that I'm failing to mention, but all of Region 3 is great.

Our chapter also ran a candidate for regional member-at-large. Deryk, one of our chapter's first year Members-at-large ran and did an awesome job. He was elected! I was so proud.

All in all we had fun. Then I got home Sunday afternoon and decided to play sports at the ROC (recreation outreach center) at GBC...

great idea...or so I thought. I'm not much of a b-baller, so when they offered wallyball (volleyball in a racquetball court where you can use the side walls), I definitely volunteered. I was having fun until I jumped up and came down on my ankle instead of the bottom of my foot. Word to the wise: go with the foot, ankles don't work. I definitely thought I had broken it because I had a similar injury a couple of years ago. And it was my whole body weight coming down on the joint. So my anxious curiosity got me to the ER, and the X-ray said no break. I was pumped.

So crutches for two days, the whole RICE treatment, and then easy on it for two weeks. I left Nat out to dry because we won't be running at 5:30. I figured I will gain a few pounds, but I'm hoping for the best.

I know this is a direct result of prayer. This happened last time. I prayed for humility and God let my leg break. It definitely slows me down, grows compassion, and centers me. I've been praying for a growth spurt lately, and I guess this is it. I don't want to take life and health and communication and transportation for granted. I'm hoping this will grow some resourcefulness that will come in handy on the missionfield and in all aspects of life. I was definitely ticked at first. My first thought was, "I don't have time for a broken leg." That definitely showed a lot of humility. (Please note the exaggerated sarcasm.) Whether it's the easy way or the hard one, I want God to keep teaching me. As long as I never become un-teachable, life will be full. (John 10:10)


Daron said...

Mom told me you hurt your ankle. I'll be praying for you more than usual for your injury. It's not fun to not be able to run, is it? I love you!!!

Meg said...

This is the funnest thing ever!! You must teach me about all this computer technology because I am clueless!! By the way, I can't believe I didn't talk about your injury more when we were talking earlier... I meant to but we slid to another subject and didn't come back to that one. Glad you're off the crutches...they just kill your armpits!! But can we still play Wallyball?! You know I am no B-ball player and I need a companion in the raquetball courts! Anyway, great to talk to you and read about you! Love the pics!! Love you, girl! Meg