Sunday, April 08, 2007

Went to the Chapel...

And Britt got married!

Man, I had the BEST weekend in Dallas. I flew in on Wednesday night, hung out with Britt and Caleb, and stayed at their new apartment with Britt. The next day Britt and I went to "get our toes did", I got to hold and console a random baby (which I loved and was surprised that this woman was willing to let me help), and then we bought some fun eyeshadow. That night we went to Elizabeth's (Britt's roommate) for her lingerie shower. We had the best time! It was so fun, and her group of friends totally meshed. By the end of the weekend, I loved those girls and was sad that I wouldn't get to hang out with them on a regular basis. Later that night, about 7 of us stayed at a hotel and continued the "prep Britt for marriage" party. It was fun. I'll stop there.

Friday- rehearsal, met Caleb's boys, ran a few errands, then had the dinner at this bombin' barbecue place. We all got up and said nice things about the couple, trying to hold back tears. It was great. Both Britt's and Caleb's fams are great. Later that night we went to the beastly bridal suite at the nearby hotel and had a little dance party. I had, of course, come equipped with my iPod and speakers. Natty-tat showed out as usual, the best ghetto dancer I know. We even got the wedding moms involved. Britt's parents are Mike and Donna Morris, and Caleb's parents are Mike and Donna Martin. It's crazy. They go to church together, and they pretty much set the two up from the beginning. God is good. You knew that; I just thought I'd give you another example.

Saturday was fun. It was a blur of hanging out, getting ready, hair, makeup, dresses. I got to do two of the other maids' eye makeup and ended being the designated bow-tier for the sashes. I was glad to help and surprised I was chosen for the Martha Stewart-type function. My girl Meg spent about 30 minutes with a curling iron trying to make me pretty. She was a trooper.

The wedding was so much fun! Britt was completely calm as she sat there, looking like she walked off a page of a bridal magazine. Seriously, this girl was stunning. Truly Audrey Hepburn classy. We got through the ceremony and even did a little dancing on the way out of the chapel. Then at the reception, we did a LOT of dancing because the band was phenomenal.

Today, we went to Prestonwood Baptist (beast of a church) to visit Phil, the youth minister that I served under back at Germantown Baptist. He came to lunch with us, and it was a good visit.

The old FAB Four had fun, and because Matt and Brad (Meg's and Nat's husbands respectively) spent so much time with Caleb, I think we've officially started the FAB Four husband's club. We're just one short, and it will stay that way for a while. lol. It was almost therapeutic to see the old Memphis crew. We definitely made a name for ourselves as "those crazy Memphis girls". lol. We had to represent, what can we say?

Overall, I LOVED all Britt's friends. It was obvious that each girl played a specific role in her life. It was neat seeing the aspects that each person brought to the table. The coolest part of it all is seeing God's work over the years of Britt's life and what He did with each person at different parts. Britt's life is truly a testimony of His faithfulness, His perseverance in pursuing us, and the way He answers prayers. I saw God change her. I got to walk with her through that time. This weekend, I met the people who prayed that into reality. And it was a blessing to stand with them in support of Britt and Caleb as they started their life together.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great time in Dallas.Can't wait to see some pictures. I know you all looked great. Lauren, you have such a great way with words-you really are gifted in that area. I love reading your blogs and reading your expressions of yourself and your experiences, very enjoyable for me.
Love, Lecia

LEW said...

I pay her to say these things...j/k! I just want to add that I have the greatest step-mom ever. Yep, she is.

Anonymous said...

I love your whole "in a nutshell" story of the weekend... just summed up perfectly. I really think you went above and beyond your role as maid of honor. Britt made the perfect choice for that role. Her shower was amazing... I love how you tied in scripture with her "popcorn" prayer time. The games were awesome and you were so great with a group that you barely knew. I don't think I shared any of that with you at the time. So... job well done.
Did you read Elizabeth's email... she called this a blot. Hilarious!
Love you, Meg