Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here comes the bride...

Don't worry. You haven't missed anything. I'm talking about Britt. I'm flying to Dallas tomorrow to be by her side during her second biggest life-altering experience (the first being salvation, of course) as her Maid of Honor. I feel just that-honored. I'm so excited about the shower I'm helping the Texas girls throw for her Thursday night. It should be great times and create fun memories.

Also, I'm encouraged by the prospect of good ole' TN boy Fred Thompson running for president. I don't think he's formally announced it yet, but he's thinking about it. And I'm all for it based on what I know right now. All of the current options from both parties make me really nervous. Although I feel that the Republican party has quite a mess to get out from behind with Bush's reign and that may rule them out from winning the White House just out of spite from the public, Fred gives me hope. He's the most qualified guy showing up so far. We'll see how things go. He's got a website. Google him. Sign the petition. Let a homie know he needs to show up for us.

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