Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Yep, that's today. So if you saw some people walking around with black dots on their forehead, they are probably Catholic, and they were showing reverence for the holiday. Once I was made aware of this beginning of Lent by a friend on MySpace, I decided to observe it.

The next step: what will I give up? I thought about the regular things: chocolate, cokes, coffee, or things like that. Then I thought about how improbable that would be for me. I've had at least two of the three already today. Then I decided on a couple of words that I would cut from my vocabulary for the 40 days.

This seemed simple enough. However, I counted a total of 6 times that one of them found its way to my lips. It is honestly disheartening that so little thought goes into what I let myself say. I had been convicted recently about words since the Bible talks so much about them and how not to use them frivolously. Ouch. Yeah, I'm feeling the sting on that one.

So I start this thing again tomorrow. And I'll keep trying until I finally break myself. I didn't realize how poorly disciplined I had become. Ugh. Spiritual out-of-shape-ness is uglier than physical. And way harder to fix.

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will said...

please tell me that one of the those words is "honkin"