Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We lost one today.

So many people lost. A young man lost his girlfriend. A father and mother lost their daughter. A sister and friend lost her sister and friend. We lost a friend, a classmate, a future colleague, a member of ASP EC, and a leader at our school. We were given no warning. We did not get to say goodbye. There is no precedent for this. We lost.

Father, please let us find comfort and peace in you during this time. We lift up the family and loved ones of this individual. Please bring your consolation into the deepest hurts in our hearts. We trust that she is with You. May you use this time of grief to bring glory to Yourself. We know that Your ways are not ours (Isaiah 55:8-9), and that Your plan is perfect despite our lack of understanding. Grant us the grace to trust that Your plan is ultimately for good regardless of what we see (Jer. 29:11). Make us know that You have a specific plan for each life you create (Psalm 139). May we be reminded that our lives are short. Remind us that You give us breath for the sole purpose of being like You and reflecting the glory of Who You are. Remind us the difference between eternal and temporal things. Let our investments be for the former rather than the latter.

Father, being known by You makes me long to be with You as this young one is. I pray that you guide our steps in Your will until the day ordained for each of us to leave this life. Hold us, Lord. Let us rest against Your chest (Deut. 33:12) until we get to see You face to face.

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Ginger King said...

Thanks Lauren for those comforting words. They mean a lot this week during this sad loss for the Garretts. It was good to see you Thursday night, though I hate the circumstances.