Friday, March 24, 2006

UConn's a CROC!

How in the nation can a team seriously pass on in the tournament when the refs just conveniently miss two HUGE calls that could have changed everything? First of all, when a man TRIPS over another player's foot (the clumsy Marcus Williams from UConn), IT'S NOT A FOUL!!! Maybe those pages just weren't in those ref's manual. Who knows? And it seems kinda odd that Dentmon, one of the U-W players that was holdin' things together FOULED OUT on that cruddy call! Interesting! Then, another set of pages that seems to have been misplaced from the ref's manual was GOALTENDING. If the ball is on the arc down due to the pull of gravity, then the other team, according to my understanding, is not allowed to touch the ball! Roy was robbed. However, the refs seemed to have missed this one too! So, the golden team that everyone has placed in their top two CONVENIENTLY moves on...on a fluke.


Michael said...

And let's not forget the double technical issued that put Roy from 2 to 4 fouls and had him sitting on the bench for 6 minutes, that's swung the momentum of the game big time. It's nice to see someone unbiased thinking the refs made a bad call too (cause I know I'm biased living in Seattle and rooting for U-Dub)

Courtney Floyd said...

Well...they are gone now. Thanks to number 11 team George Mason.