Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I leave tomorrow for this meeting. I highly dislike packing. I cannot pack light. I've no avail. Every time I start out resolved to be meager and sure enough, I end up with my closet in a carry out box. It stems from my desire to be prepared for any and all possible circumstances. Maybe this goes even deeper...I've noticed that the fuel for my analytical nature is the apprehension of mistakes. Oh me, of little faith. After years of walking, you'd think I'd be past simple things. Well, if the chicken and the egg cycle DOES in fact apply to faith and obedience in the Christian walk, then my obedience must be pretty nill to keep my faith muscle so weak. Geesh, that's a harrowing revelation.

But the good news is always grace. And not to cheapen it to something that we shower over us in times of need like Bonhoeffer was disdainful of in Cost of Discipleship, but the costly grace that we turned our lives over to Christ in order to receive. THAT is the grace that allows us to have breath despite the fact that we are sinful. That was in fact paid for with the ultimate cost...the sinless Savior's life. That grace bought for me will allow me to know Truth, know Him, and live for Him and like Him.

I've been kinda down lately. I haven't pinpointed a reason, but I knew I wanted some type of external spiritual food before I left, so I went to the prayer service at my church tonight. It was a small, intimate group of about 50 seniors (mostly, anyway). I had the privilege of praying with a beautiful couple. They were both so grounded in the Word; their prayers were laced with it all throughout their requests. It's been so long since I heard such petition from spiritual warriors with that many battle tales. They were also very encouraging to me as we were leaving. They immediately asked me about myself, my schooling, my plans. God is great when He shows Himself across generations. I wish I had more interaction with older men and women of the faith. There's a wealth of wisdom to be tapped.

Once again, God shows me His faithfulness before I embark on spring break travel. After San Fran, I'm headed to Colorado to ski with my dad, Lecia, Daron, and Kellen. I'm way excited. I'll be back the 25th, and then chaos will hit until April 25th, my last final.

Leave me a comment letting me know what God's been showing you, whether big or small. I want to know.

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