Sunday, April 27, 2008


Big part of my life...of my outlook. Since way back in the day of Huntingdon FBC, singing with my two friends where we each dubbed ourselves with the nicknames of Faith, Hope, and Love. I was Hope, even then. And it's accurate. I'm a closet romantic, idealist, all the perspectives on life that have hope as its basic tenet.

Today, when Pastor John brought the Word from the book of Esther he preached a bombin' sermon on inner beauty, women and our source of attractiveness, etc. And it was so dead-on and culturally relevant. But the part that sliced me the deepest was one of his wrap-up statements:

"We get disappointed because we hope in the wrong things."

Wow...yes, I do. I hope in the wrong things. Romans 5:3-5 talks about enduring suffering so that we produce character, and after character, hope. And our hope doesn't disappoint because of the love God pours into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us. Wow. A hope that DOESN'T DISAPPOINT. Why have I been wasting my time and energy? Seriously? What futile pursuits. A hope that doesn't disappoint. That's a promise. One I'm gonna chase until I can call it mine.

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