Monday, April 14, 2008

Our night at the Sonics game with Gary Payton

Erin's aunt had some season tickets she didn't plan to use, so the four of us girls decided we should check out the Sonics before they get sold to another city. We're sitting there on Row 1 right by the Mavs entrance, when Gary Payton walks out and asks to slip by me to sit down right beside my friend Amanda!

It was a star-studded night with Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitske, Mark Cuban, and the whole gang. It was good times. Man, how awesome are my church friends?

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Anonymous said...

make sure that whenever we get to come visit that we get the hook up like that...unbelievable seats! Did you know that you were going to be on row 1 before you got there?
I hate you!