Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lil Update...

So I've noticed no one comments when I get super-deep with my post topic on's kinda like giving a speech, finishing, and the room just sits in silence. But that's an acceptable response, it's kinda like trying to find words when someone's really upset or something. Maybe it's best to just quietly console? No big deal, just observation. Moving on...

Went to a concert with one of my new friends here, a cool transplant from Texas who actually knows one of my college buddies (Burgett) because they both work for NAMB (google it). We saw Phil Wickham, who I've enjoyed the music of for at least two years and never gotten to see because he kinda stays toward the west coast.

I'm also loving my pediatrics rotation this month. It's fast-paced but I get to round every morning with an attending, two medical residents, and 3 medical students. It's good times, and I actually feel like I make a contribution. Other than that, nothing doing. I get to go home after this rotation! Yay, back to Tenne-too hot (in the words of the great Ben Bredow) to see my friends and fam! And be in a wedding. Good times.


Anonymous said...

whew, i've been wanting to comment for so long, and now i finally get to because of the lack of in-depth, mentally straining blog.

thank you.


Anonymous said...

Who's in the picture with you?
I can't wait until you come home to Tennessee, and it's not hot here right now.
Love you lots,

LEW said...

It's Ronnie from church. Awesome girl. She just moved up here from Texas, and we randomly know two of the same people!