Monday, August 13, 2007

So here's a little bit more of what I'm learning right now. I won't promise that it is directly related to my last post, but it's what I want to talk about today, so there's your explanation. Hope it suffices.

I've been desperate to grow recently, just really wanting God to move me forward, let me see a breakthrough, allow me to feel the ascent to the next plateau. Instead, it seems my desire to proceed has been accompanied by deeper conviction, hightened awareness of my sin, disgust for such sin, and frustration that I seem bound by it. It's dead-on what Paul talk about in Romans 7. Forgive my crude reference, but one of my old roommates used to call it "the do-do verses", where he says he does what he doesn't want to do, and it's really not him that is doing it but the sin that lives in him? Sound familiar? Coming back to you? Well, he nailed it. Seriously, the exact areas of sin that I've been praying for deliverance from are the exact ones that plague me most frequently. And please forgive me for sounding like a victim. That's not Biblical. I just mean that I have not grasped and used the power of Christ in my life in these areas yet. I'm allowing myself to stay bound.

I do believe part of this dilemma can be credited to spiritual warfare. I believe the Father of Lies is just as active and keen as ever, and he should be intimidated at what Christ can do with a life submitted. Part of my prayer is to be more aware of its presence around me and to be equipped for battle.

The second thing just came in an email this morning. Moses Caesar, one of my former pastors and bosses, sends out a weekly email of encouragement on Monday. (You can sign up by emailing him at He spoke about trust and contentment and made the point that they are the same. The areas that you have entrusted to God are the areas in which you will experience contentment. The trusting servant needs nothing. It's very exposing. So the restlessness that waxes and wanes should clue me in that I'm struggling with a trust issue not a void that can be fixed with a gift or blessing. Imagine that, me with a trust issue. lol.

That's all I have for now. I hope it makes you think as it has me.

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