Thursday, August 23, 2007

One of the those days...

the great ones...the ones that remind you why you do what you do. I was performing my typical duties as a clinical pharmacist in the small community hospital where I've been on rotation, but things were different today. I spent most of the morning back at Tacoma General doing some education for nursing residents about what pharmacy does, how we can help them, etc. I enjoyed that. You can picture it: large room, ~80 people in the seats, Callie and I presenting/turfing questions. I love it.

This afternoon I went to counsel an elderly woman about starting coumadin, a blood thinner that is prescribed often but can cause serious adverse effects if not taken correctly. And she was concerned. She reminded me a little of my Nanny, and so I immediately empathized. She even started sounding like my Nanny when she began to compliment me on my knowledge and degree. When the conversation turned back to the medication, the look on her face betrayed her dread. So I held her hand and did my best to console her. I left her room knowing I had made a difference.

After that, I got to make 3 different interventions (which translates as I hunted 3 different nurses to address current patient problems that were not currently being treated). I love it. This is that day. I made a difference. I love my job.


Anonymous said...

you made me smile so thanks! i miss you!

Lauren Lowrey Watson said...

LAUREN! I'm so glad I found you on the blogosphere this world has become! I was just asking Kaci McCutchen about you this weekend! I think and pray for you often! It looks like you're making a difference in this world. Not surprising at all that your bright spirit is doing that! Very encouraging! I hope all else is well! Update me when you get a chance!