Saturday, January 20, 2007

What I love about Nashville...

Going to see live music...that's good...with friends...and family. Jada and her friend Megan came into town. Payten and her friend Amanda (from Belmont) came. And then all my pharmacy school/old UU crew. Had so much fun. Went to see this guy...

Andy Davis. I saw him on my birthday this year as well. Kid's money. I really like his voice, his melodies, and he puts on a great show. He'll sit and play this keyboard but kinda rock rhythmically to the music. Very cool...soulful...maybe could even be ghetto if he tried. You know I always think that's cool.

He was releasing his new cd. So you got a copy of the cd when you paid admission. Great deal. Good cd.

What's really cool about these Nashville people playing in Nashville is that all these other musicians that are their buddies come to watch them as well. So I saw Matt Wertz, Tyler James, and I think Brandon Heath (verdict's still out on whether or not that was actually him). PLUS...a major fan of these Belmont grads is Chris Rice! So yeah, he was there...supporting his boy.

I actually talked to Tyler James and Chris Rice. I just wanted to tell them that I enjoy their music, and that they really impact people. I would wanna know if it were me. I'm not shy, and I lack that inhibition that makes you think logically before you go up and risk making a fool of yourself in front of strangers. I've never had it. I guess foolishness suits me. And maybe, just maybe, they needed to hear some words of encouragement about what they do. I doubt it, but you never know.

I also introduced myself to this girl...Nicole Flatt. She's young and a great singer/songwriter from nashville. I had just stumbled upon her on myspace and loved her sound. So I told her. She was really excited, because it was the first time anyone had come up to her before. Her raw humility was refreshing. You can listen to her here: .

The night was fun. We had a little trouble getting Megan and Jada back to my apartment. We somehow got separated on 440. lol. That was a trip...literally. But I had a blast.

Natalie came in today on her way to the 'Boro for a shower. We shared lunch at the good ole Cracker Barrel. good times. I miss ole Natty-tat.
I hope your weekend's a great one.

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Rage said...

Awesome! Wish I was there. And...I kept thinking you were saying James Taylor and I was like...dang she talked to James Taylor. Keep it up, it isn't foolish, is it fabulous!