Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Sunday night was a wreck....literally.

After a great time of prayer for missions with a group from Brentwood Baptist, I left feeling so encouraged. I had decided to stop by the grocer to get ingredients for this week's lunch. As I'm driving down Old Hickory near my house, a van switches from the lane in front of me to the lane beside me. THEN decides to come back over and to avoid hitting him, I swerved onto an intersecting road and smashed into a car waiting at a light. Both car's airbags deployed, but all passengers were okay. There were three in the other car. They were supernice.

But as you might have guessed, the van pulled off. It stopped maybe long enough to see that we all got out of the car, but kept going. The cops came, the wrecker, our friend and family. So we'll see. I'm okay, just a bruised and burned wrist (I think from the steering wheel) and I can feel my neck tightening. We'll see. Here's the damage. God keeps reminding me that He has plans for me because He keeps letting me walk away from these things.

The black accord was facing forward, and the impact of the wreck turned it about 110 degrees to where we were both facing away from the road. It was sitting in the turn lane in the right side of the picture before impact.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lauren-It brough back the chills and tears when I just saw the pictures.Also I'm just struck at how blessed we are that you're OK.It looked like quite an impact.Again I'm just sooooo glad you weren't hurt.
Love you so much,

Daron said...

Man. That looks rough. I'm thankful you're okay; I'm also thankful you weren't the maniac in the situation... ;) Just kidding. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought you were rid of the Memphis drivers, you find the one's who moved to Nashville. Glad everyone is OK!

Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the car...I had to look to see if you had posted pictures. Like you said, the Lord has big plans for always keep that in mind, regardless of what things He throws your way!
Love ya~