Monday, October 02, 2006

Budapest 1

Lan and I spent all of yesterday walking around town and found a mall that blew our minds. The place was beastly. I immediately thought of Leela and Donna, my girls in pharmacy school, and Jada and Payten, and how much they would all love the place. And the prices are reasonable. We asked around for the internet for days before someone actually pointed us to the place.

The language is impossible. I've never heard anything like it. It's not Latin-based, so good luck on trying to draw similarities.

Our preceptor's great. Antal Samu works for the private pharmacist association as well as a travel agency. It's really cool how nice and accomodating these people have been to us.

Our hotel's nice. There's not many specific differences I can think of to note right now. The outlets, of course, but I came equipped with an adapter and a converter. We used the metro for the first time yesterday and were suprised to find that it wasn't free. It's not like the US where there's an actual barrier to get on it. Needless to say, we laughed when we realized we had been ignorantly cheating the system.

And if you want water here, you have to ask for water with "no gas". All of it's sparkling. It's something to help digestion or something.

We'll be traveling to different parts of Hungary, and I'm excited to see more of the actual historic culture. Budapest seems like such a hodgepodge. We see all types and all nationalities everywhere. It's very cool, though.

And don't worry about jet lag. I stayed up once I got here, and then slept 12 hours last night. lol. It's 3:22 p.m. here now. I think we're 7 hours ahead.

I miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally made it....I can't wait to see pictures are hear your stories! Too bad about the language barrier, but now you know how I felt in the D.R. when I was with you. Take care of yourself and soak it all up...this is such a great opportunity for you!

Anonymous said...

lady it sounds like you're having fun....can't wait to see the bargains you've found...i love the water with no gas..haha!! enjoy hungary!! miss ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having a good time.I would have loved the mall too,sounds like.
Do you remember Bro. Bud's son, Mark?
He passed away yesterday,the funeral is tomorrow. He had been in the hospital since last week.It's really sad-but I know he's better off, he'd gotten so bad.
We'll keep checking in on you.You might even learn some of that language-ha,ha.
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

hey girl! glad all is going well. i miss you. i hope to see you sometime when you get back, so we can hang out and you can tell me all about everything. love ya and miss ya!