Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Budapest 2

Some notable cultural occurrences...
  • Everybody smokes. It's everywhere. It's crazy. Everybody's lighting up...except on the subway. Then I would have to die.
  • Too much PDA...wayyyy outta control. I've seen enough people kissing each other for a lifetime. I don't mind that it happens. I just don't need to see it or have it happen inches from me.
  • You have to pay for ketchup at Burger King.
  • Americans are truly ethnocentric and uneducated.

My point with the last statement is that the pharmacy students must master two foreign languages before they graduate. At almost every place we've been, the people that work there can speak English or at least the words that are relevant to their trade, and the signs are usually translated at the bottom. We don't work to learn even one other language...partly because we haven't had to. Secondly, because we haven't tried or seen the need.

My last exciting news: we're headed to Palanga, Lithuania next weekend to visit Casey! I'm so pumped. I can't wait to see LCC. Our friends at the pharmacy association/travel agency are going to help us plan travel. SOOOOOO excited.

And one more thing, we found out about two days before we left that we were expected to make a presentation about pharmacy in the US. I just figured it was something we could get together once we arrived. We found out later that we will be speaking at a national pharmacy meeting in front of 50 people. Today we are told by another university official that it will probably be more like 400 people. Nice. We've been slaving away at a powerpoint presentation, and we plan to give it on Friday. We're on the program! Also on the program is one of our professors from UT, Dr. L.B. Brown. It'll be neat to see him here. Plus, he's a great speaker and incredibly professional. We leave for that meeting tomorrow and will return on Sunday. Please pray for us to speak slowly enough for the interpreter to translate efficiently.

I've loved the comments. Please drop one if you have time. It's hard not getting to talk real-time with anyone. I miss yáll!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have sooo much going on- not getting bored are ya? Good luck on your presentation, you'll do fine.
Nanny's tests went fine, they didn't find anything wrong.
I love reading your blogs. You sound so excited about everything. Keep in touch.
Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Have fun at LCC...I know you are pumped to visit Casey there! Maybe you can learn some of the techno dance while you are there.
Also, don't underestimate Americans knowing a second in Memphis we have to understand and speak ebonics...not everyone can do that!
Take care and have fun!