Sunday, July 09, 2006

How do you assure self-authenticity? People change. Desires change. Hopefully, maturity changes. I just get a gut-check every time I stop to wonder why I have so much fun trying out new eyeshadow colors and application techniques. I've decided that shopping can be a hobby, much like a sport or skill. You can be good at it or bad at it, but I think it's fun. Now, more than anytime of my life, I love being a girl. Is that superficial? Is that silly? Maybe. 5 years ago, I shunned all of these things. They weren't "spiritual" enough. But is being "spiritual" what we're here for? Is there a place for these? Can we use them to reach the lost? Is it a bridge to others with which we can relate? Or is it deceit? Does it give the Devil a foothold? Is it the manifestation of vanity and materialism?

Is this the "little stuff"? Or does it represent deeper issues?

Father, grant me a simple and pure heart to follow after You. Purge anything that hinders my focus, love, and devotion toward you. Let me take an active role in my journey closer to You. Heighten my sensitivity to conviction, and still my anxious thoughts. Make me willing to say what Paul does in Phil. 3 about counting it all rubbish in comparison to knowing You. I believe You're more than worthy.

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