Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Good birthday...

Last Thursday consisted of several phone calls, a bunch of text messages, about 10 Myspace comments, and about 25 Facebook wall postings wishing me a happy birthday. I intended to thank each well-wisher individually, but I didn't know when I was going to have time to hunt down each message-leaver. So if you left one, and you're reading this--Thank you so much!

I went out with some friends in Nashville to eat sushi, which I hadn't had since I left Memphis and was missing greatly. Then we went to see Andy Davis play at 12th and Porter. That kid's the bomb. Check out his music if you haven't. He's money. Very soulful, pop-ish, but rich tunes. We also saw Sam and Ruby; these kids are phenomenal...voices like I've never heard.

This weekend I went home to see my fam, and it was great! I missed them so much. I'm still really sad because I'm not getting to take the annual trip with mom and them to Destin for a week. Instead I'm trekking up to Kingsport, TN to do a rotation up there. I think this rotation will be one of the best ones all year, I'm just a little nervous about Kingsport. Not gonna know anybody. Not gonna have much to do outside of my rotation...little nervous. I know it'll work out. I'm with a cool girl from my class, so I won't be alone. Plus my big bro from ASP, Ben Gross, is actually doing his residency up there. PLUS, my preceptor's one of my favorite professors, so there are positives.

I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I still got it. I was watching about 12 kids play in my dad's pool after VBS on Saturday, and there were these fearless little boys, two brothers, who were flippin' away on the diving board. Curiousity got the best of me as to whether or not the new 24-year-old could still pull a back tuck off the diving board. So, after retrieving my suit, I headed straight for the board without yet getting wet. When I finally made it to the end of the board and after I almost lost my balance. I threw that sucker... And I made it...all the way around in the rotation before I hit the water. I was so proud. I'm old and out of shape, but dangit, I can still throw a tuck jumping off the diving board. What up now, playa?

See? And I'm still a big goof-ball...don't see me growing out of that one anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

happy late birthday. sounds like everything went well.

but i have some questions...

maybe i'm out of the loop, but when did 24 become the new 64?

did you lose spryness just 5 years after being a teenager (having to dust of the ole bathingsuit)?