Thursday, December 29, 2005

Guess what the Butler family got for Christmas? The stomach virus. Yep, Jada had it the Monday before, Payten got it on Wednesday, and then Mom had it for Christmas Eve. Wait, we're not done yet. I got it yesterday...for the whole day. It's a weight loss plan I don't recommend. I've decided it's just not worth it. Dehydration is so not fun. My stepmom Lecia was amazing to help like she did. I was really thankful she was there to try to ease things as much as possible. I'm probably going back to Memphis tonight or tomorrow, and none of my family will hug me bye! lol.

On a much better note, Christmas was such a blessing this year. I was really looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone, and I was also pumped about what I got people for Christmas. All of the family functions were better than they've ever been. It's fun when all the kids (including myself) start maturing and we can all cut up together. I must add that the Butler function might not have been as funny if I hadn't introduced "jowling", a skill that my buddy Will in CA enlightened me with at the Union Reunion. We're probably going to open a Facebook group for it, so stay posted. You can check out some of the best of the best at Beware, some are a little scary.

I love my family. Christmas is such a neat time with them. Every time I come home and see how my siblings have matured and grown, I love them even more. I really do have the coolest four siblings ever. And my parents- they're no less unique. All four are incredible as role models. They do go a little overboard about Christmas gifts, but they love getting us stuff. Sometimes I wish I had words to express to them my gratitude for what they're showing me about life and how to live it instead of just what they're generously equipping me with in a material sense. I am truly blessed.

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