Friday, December 16, 2005

So all the siblings came to visit Thursday night. Brody, Britt's brother came down early from Ohio. He just graduated from Cedarville and is moving to Missouri. Jada, one of my four siblings, come up from UU after finishing her finals. We all went to eat with my friend Zach to use the lovely gift card he, Britt, and I received after winning the Halloween costume contest. I know that was forever ago, but we had yet to use it. So we did. Then Jada and I finished our Christmas shopping today. We have gotten to age where we are commissioned to bring home our own presents from Santa and the grandparents. It works out great because no energy or effort is wasted. Everybody's happy. And it was great to spend time with her.

Britt's fam is here tonight and will be here through her graduation tomorrow, then to move her out on Sunday. I haven't really come to terms with her leaving yet. Don't worry; I'll blog about it.


Anna said...

I burned a cd of pics and video for Casey to take back to the states - there's plenty of him dancing and singing on there. He just wasn't in the mood that night, I guess. Have a great week-before Christmas!
You and Jada are stinkin' adorable!

Casey said...

I am tired of reading the same old stuff. Can you say update????