Sunday, August 02, 2009


Everybody's got 'em. Some have more than others. I have too many. I see so much freedom in the simple-minded outlooks of others. I've asked God many times why it can't be mine. I'm left with the conclusion that all my analysis must have a purpose for the Kingdom. Like a gift or weapon, it must be wielded well or it's a waste or even worse, a danger.

So many opinions rise to the surface of my mind quickly: (laugh if you want)
  • about Jon and Kate Gosselin and their marriage
  • about Ahmadinejad being a crook and a joke as a leader and how in the nation he continues to be allowed to lead
  • about teenagers in our country and the lack of parenting
  • about the government's role in healthcare
However, one thing I've noticed is that I am so limited to my human perspective. And limited it is. I need Truth. I need a constant infusion of Truth to interrupt and address my human-sized thought processes. So I'll keep these opinions to myself for now. I need to spend time on some Truth before I'm equipped to speak. THAT's where freedom is. (John 8:32).

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Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to hear or see your thoughts on all of those topics...
I want the feisty Lauren to come out!
I miss ya girl and hope life is treating you well out there! Sorry I missed you when you were in the region!