Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adulthood...rated PG?

I wish. I wish I could just summon parental guidance when I needed it. And I practically can. My parents (all 4 of them) are great about giving advice and helping out anytime I need it...and even when I don't realize I need it. And I'm so blessed to have had them all these years to feed me, clothe me, house me, support me, and encourage me.

But today was different. Today I received the keys to my first house...that is mine...that I now own...that I will be paying for over the next 30 years. Geesh. And that was my reaction.

After Shu left, I just walked around the empty rooms...trying to slow my heartbeat. Trying to not breathe quickly. Trying not to cry. And I did good. (Yes, I intentionally chose my usual Tennessee terminology). I didn't cry. But I did go straight over to my friend Alyson's house to interrupt her and Paul's dinner. You can't say enough about the importance of community and quality friends. They were perfect. They talked me down. They even walked over with me and went back through the place, giving me ideas about furniture placement. They really liked it. I feel so much better now.

All in all, I'm going to be okay. I did a quick prayer-walk before I left the first time. I expect God to do so many things in and through that place. And I know that He'll be with me there. He's still and always will be my Shepherd. I'm excited to start this journey.


Dakota's Spotlight said...

Lauren...I am soooo excited for you & really proud of you! One day we will make it out west to visit and see your new place. This is a big step for more moving around for a while, you are stable. Let God use you there and I can't wait to see pictures once you buy a camera!
love ya~

Anonymous said...

sweet!! post pics soon!! proud of you, woman!