Thursday, January 22, 2009

I find it interesting...

that people are praising Obama for shutting down Guantanamo, because he's the same man who said the first thing he'd do in office was sign the Freedom of Choice Act legaling any and all types of abortion. Hmm. Is that not torture? Of the worst kind? To an innocent life?

Don't get me wrong. I'm fine with Gitmo gettin' gone. I just think he's contradictory in his stances on the true value of human life. Who gets to decide that value? Do we? Why? Who said? I guess it could be spun multiple directions. I just wish people would think a little bit more, read a little more, and try to understand what's real. Myself included. I could certainly spend more time scavenging for sources of unbiased information. This just came to mind in reading a friend's status. That's it.

I'll end with this...and I've said it before (and fallen victim to its truth many times): Misplaced hope is a sure source of disappointment. I hope for change just like anyone else. But I already have a Savior. And he's not of this world. And THAT'S the only safe place for my hope.


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rob weideman said...

good words. it's one of the clear reasons that I voted against him. looks like he's keeping his word.