Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blinded by Happy

It seems like I often fall into a cycle of learning a cool new Truth about God and His love or having a heart-changing encounter with Him, and then in my effort to "abide" I find myself sitting on the sidelines, totally missing the game. I get in a happy (pseudo-contented) place, and for some reason stop pursuing. I think it's a maturity thing that I don't have yet. My mistake is trying to abide in that experience instead of IN HIM always and only. My contentment or happy emotion is a sad and gross substitute for being in constant fellowship with Him.

It's funny how no matter what you think you've known or where you've been, I always feel new at this. I feel like a kid walking with Him. And I get a strong sense that right now it's where He wants me. Now if I can just keep holding His hand and walking (Micah 6:8) instead of running off the trail to chase a distraction or sitting and trying to stay where I am.

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Anonymous said...

i can totally relate