Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Musings...

I had an exciting day at work. I got to be the primary pharmacist on a code (which means somebody wasn't doing well at all), and despite the horridness of the situation, it was a rush. As a healthcare worker, sometimes the worst situations for others are the most shaping for your career. I had two residents and a technician helping out and looking on, and I was actually just charged (in a positive way) by the whole crisis situation. I seem to flourish under high-pressure, crunch-type situations. So despite the underlying cause, I appreciated the experience.

And then two things made me laugh at myself today:

  1. I was talking to a 21-year-old who's about to hit 22 at the gym today, and he was complaining about it. You know I wasn't going to let him have all the glory, so I made a topping reference to my own age (which he already knew). And his follow-up comment? "But you're well-preserved!". REALLY? If someone uses a phrase like "well-preserved", doesn't that automatically mean you're old? Seriously?
  2. I had a blast tonight. I did something that made my heart happy. I used my new Hoover vacuum cleaner in my apartment. It's just nice for ONCE to have your expectations exceeded. Well, my trusty new Hoover came through for a girl. And I'm content about it.
That's all. Britt and Caleb come to visit tomorrow! Who's excited? Pick me!

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carlyn said...

i am so glad your first code went well. i never liked that kind of drama. i remember my first patient that coded and i was so upset by it that i had to take a personal day the next day to recover. maybe it is better i am a stay-at-home mom and not a nurse anymore!!