Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is what is left of one of the girls' dorms at my old alma mater, Union University. What's even more shocking is that my own sister, Daron Webb, was huddled with two other girls in a downstairs bathroom when the tornado blew through campus. I was brought to tears when I saw the footage of the damage on the Today Show online this morning. I was speechless when Daron recounted her experience of covering her head in her hands when she heard the "train" noise coming. She said she felt debris swirling all around her, and she even breathed some in. When it had passed, she looked up to see the sky above her instead of the ceiling, which was the floor of the second story. The wall of the shower behind her looked as though it had been "punched in". The girls had never shut the bathroom door, so they were able to grab a matress that had landed in the living room floor before the next wave hit. When all had passed, the RAs called to them to tell them it was okay to come out and to head to the PAC (or the science building for non-Unionites). She went with the other soccer girls to her coach's house until Dad and Lecia could pick her up.

Today they let people come back on campus in waves to see if they could find their cars. Daron hadn't been able to park close last night because there were no spaces. Surprisingly, her car survived with two busted rearview mirrors and a dented hood. All of her clothes, belongings, EVERYTHING is gone. She's already been asked to make a list for insurance. Her computer, her guitar, her camera, her video camera, all of it gone. All of these things are nominal in value when I think about how grateful I am that she is okay.

There are no words to provide even remote explanation for how no life was lost on this campus except to say that God was at work. Lives were spared for a reason. It makes no sense for the place to look like Ground Zero of a bomb site, for cars to be flipped upside down or thrown atop buildings, for buildings to be leveled, and for everyone to come out without critical injury. I'm so thankful. And I even believe that there will be Kingdom results from this event. Union University, a truly Christ-centered institution is getting national news coverage. Its wise and godly leader, Dr. David S. Dockery, is being shown on tv consistently to speak about the storms and the rebuilding efforts.

Please pray. So much will need to be done. Please give. They've already set up a fund where people can contribute.
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  • Most of all, be thankful. Be aware that God is in control, and He has a purpose for every moment He gives you breath. Don't waste it.


    Anonymous said...

    wow, does Daron have a story to tell or what? it has been really cool hearing interviews from Union's kids and how God is able to work through them on the news, etc...
    Jenn & Scott Marksberry live in dorms there too...she is due any day now with their first child...they didn't have any loss as far as cars or things in their apartment...i just think that is amazing too! (and the baby is still okay)
    God was definitely at work there in protecting Union.

    Jeff Lash said...

    Pretty wild stuff. I was floored when I saw an aerial view of the campus after the storm. I tried to remember what it was like when we all got hit a few years back. This is much worse in comparison (as far as the campus is concerned).

    God is so good in his provision and protection. I'm just as stunned as you are that nobody was killed or seriously hurt. The Lord works all things for His glory. I forsee Union's arm of influence expanding through this time.

    You know, I'm always bragging on Union and advising people to check it out (with a slight bias). I have great love for my alma mater. Times like these only make me appreciate that place and my education there even more.

    Anonymous said...

    im so glad that Daron is okay...i was thinking and praying for everyone during the storms..i have seen many pictures of the damage and it is a blessing that everyone was okay