Sunday, October 07, 2007

Of course it happened today...

I let Jada talk me into looking like a scrub to fly back to Seattle this morning. I at least had a small amount of makeup on when I was sitting in the Memphis airport, talking with my mom on my cell, and people-watching. I notice an attractive guy pretty far off, and as he comes closer, familiarity begins to materialize. And then I can't believe it! It was NOAH WYLE with David Schwimmer, strolling through the Memphis airport! David was about two feet from me, wearing two different forms of camouflage and making me feel much better about my clothing choice.

I neglected my initial reflex to run up and ask them for a photo. I decided to be too old for that. But it's still a cool story. Now if it woulda been John Krasinski, I would've had a pic to post.

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Jeff Lash said...

It must be celebrity weekend. Annie and I saw Michael Tait on Friday at a gas station. Then we saw Sanjaya and Phil from American Idol at the Cool Springs Mall on Saturday night. I was cool as a cucumber but Annie was freaking out. It was funny.