Monday, October 29, 2007


Here's what we did Sunday night.
The group is as follows (L to R): Jason, Charles, Ronnie (girl), Jonathan, Lauren, Sheena, Liane, Alyson, and Tucker (dog)

We did this Alyson's. That is her stoop above and her pumpkin below.

Jason Burke's creation. It's "AROMA" for our coffee house group on Thursdays.

This is Jonathan's. Pizza and a coke. Making you hungry?

Liane's is the cute little squash. Mine is the one with swoopy bangs.

This is Ronnie's creepy tree. Good times!


Anonymous said...

I love the Jack-O-Lanterns! They are so neat.Your pictures are really great,too. Our church had a weinie roast at our house Sunday night, had a good time.
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

love that your pumpkin had the stylish hair:)