Saturday, June 30, 2007

One Week Down...

Many more to go. But surviving my first week at a real job is significant, especially when you add being across the country from all friends and fam and everything familiar. I just point out the weight of it to express the depth of peace and contentment God has been so faithful to provide, AND how awesome my friends and family have been at calling to check on me. That has meant so much. Just knowing that someone remembers where I am and wonders how I'm doing is encouraging.

James and Callie are the other two residents I'm working with, and they are great. We've already had good times in training and during lunch together this week. They are both smart and friendly, and I very much look forward to what this year will bring.

I still haven't found a church here yet. It's hard when you only get to check one out about once a week. But I've done a little research online, so I hope I know a little bit more of what to expect tomorrow. We'll see. Thanks for reading and commenting. It comforts me as well!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're adjusting well-don't know if it's as easy from our end.Just keep looking for a church. Maybe you will meet somebody at work to visit their church. Wish you would post some pics of you area and apartment.
Love you lots,

Jeff Lash said...

L is crazy to think you are all the way across the country. I'm glad your first week went well. It is nice to have one good week under your belt. I hope you find a church family soon. Knowing you, it is just a matter of time before you are fully immersed in some church. Whoever that church ends up being, they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. haha ;) Holla back yungin'.