Thursday, December 14, 2006

What about your friends?

Anybody hearing the old TLC song? Come on, you know it.

I always go on and on about my family and how much I love them. And I do. They're great, and I'm overwhelmingly blessed to have them. But I also have a bombin' group of amazing individuals that I get to call "friends".

I love how hard times brings them into the spotlight or sifts them up like gold-diggers panning for gold in the stream. I know, what a dumb analogy, but you get it. Just this week I've gotten to speak to so many of my friends who are miles and oceans away. This is not an exhaustive list, but to name a few:

  • My girl Reagan up in Philly. I draw so much strength from a fellow loud sista' who loves life and sees everything as an adventure and a learning experience
  • Donna, my airport driver who's picked me up more than once now and listened to me whine through tears. Plus, she always laughs at my jokes. You gotta keep those close.
  • Nat, a consistent communicator, always willing to lend an ear and a word of encouragement
  • Britt, my girl that I get to talk with the lisp with and laugh about life and love with
  • My roommate Katie, who listens and supports and shares about her life and lets me share about mine
  • My friend Jenn down in Texas, who loves me unconditionally and makes me believe I'm a minister to her
  • TB, my med school friend, always willing to share a meal or hang out...and did I mention the bomb at some flag football?
  • Cesar, an old friend from high school, who I've recently gotten back into contact with in the last month
  • Tim Yzzy, up in Washington state, catching up about life and surprisingly encouraged me with a convo he had with a friend recently
  • last but certainly not least, the tried-and-true buddy across the ocean, Mr. Casey Stafford. finally got to talk to him on the phone today. It was exactly the encouragement I needed. That's my dog, right there.

I can't wait to see and speak with more over the holidays. I'm thankful that God has chosen to bless me with friends. They make life so much more enjoyable, and sometimes it takes them to make it bearable. The unconditional love of Christ has been much easier to accept and understand through the friendships He has given me.

Praise the Lord for friends!


Anonymous said...

love ya lady!! im so glad we are such good friends!!

Anonymous said...

That is the SWEETEST thing I have ever read! I love you girl! Kindred Spirits!