Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent Ramblings...

So I don't have any earth-shattering updates on life or learning, but I wanted to post some of the quotes that have sharpened my perception in the past few months.
We are not products of: gene pools, our impulses, our society, or our past. -sermon from Pastor Jon (but I added the "past" part)

Being dead to self means putting no conditions on me, which also means putting no conditions on others.
Forgiveness is supernatural.
"I can't give what I don't have" (referring to LOVE and GRACE)
-all these from Abby Santiago

Restraint sets us apart. (as Christians) -Traci Fredricks

The goal of eternal life is to SEE Jesus. But there are two obstacles to overcome:
  1. My blindness apart from grace
  2. The world is still in darkness.
Darkness in me is overcome by regeneration. Darkness in the world is overcome by reincarnation. The key to both is His glory through grace. Grace is the goal and the means. Grace transforms us from an advocate of a system to a witness of a reality.
-all from a sermon by John Piper

We died to the list of rules. We try to prove our sonship, but we're already there. Just BE. Sometimes there is nothing to obey. How would those around you characterize your Christianity? Do they think you live SO that God will accept you? Or BECAUSE God has accepted you? Don't look at hope and joy as indicators of the intensity of your faith.
-thoughts from different girls in my small group (Oh, how I love these girls and the time I get to spend with them in the Word)

I hope you are blessed and challenged with each of these as I am.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren,
Just wanted to comment on the last paragraph-the question -do we live so that God will accept us or that God has accepted us.That's a good question to ponder.We know that God has already accepted us and we should live to please him but I think sometimes it's hard for us to remember that he accepts us as we are in our sinful ways and loves us anyway.What's worse though is that many times we live so that people accept us instead of God.
Love you,

LEW said...

Wow, great point. Thank you for sharing!